We’re a creative tech studio, focussing on tech education & social advocacy.

Coding literacy and social justice is our thing. We build digital social impact tools and can teach you how to too.

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Our Services

We build tools, services and websites that have a positive social impact and enable efficient organising.

We create tutorials and technical explainers, empowering learners to build their own web tools.

We run day workshops for organisations who want to equip workers with technical literacy and enable them to be more confident with code.

Pay it Forward Business Model

We operate with a pay it forward business model. Companies and organisations can fund the development of a digital tool, service or website for one of our grassroots organisations, or tech education for a minoritised community. And, nope, you don’t have to be a client of ours to fund one of these projects.

This allows us to sustainably work on projects with a limited budget but positive social impact for the community.

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Ethics and Principles

We collaborate with and accept funding from businesses who are aligned with our ethics and principles. Generally we follow the Ethical Web Principles in addition to our own.

  1. Sustainability.

    We work in a manner that prioritises our health, time and energy. In order for us to produce high quality work, we need to be healthy, this means resting as needed and not working while exhausted or sick.
  2. Accessibility.

    We build tools that prioritise accessibility. This looks like ensuring users with disabilities, low internet bandwidth and other inconveniences are prioritised in the development process. Within our workshops and tutorials, it looks like using inclusive and affirming language, limiting jargon and encouraging questions.
  1. Inclusivity.

    We have a zero tolerance policy for racism, ableism, misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia.
  2. Consent & Privacy.

    We build with consent in mind using the principles of consentful tech. We don’t build tools that harvest data, surveil users or sell user information without consent. We also don’t accept funding from companies who do.
  1. Collaboration.

    We’re collaborators. We work with those who want to work with us, our vision is shared, and we all input.
  2. Service.

    We are in service to our community, we lead as needed and take direction, as needed.